Listen To Earn
Are you a music lover? Now, you can listen to your favorite song and make money at the same time, the fun will be doubled! ๐ŸŽต

Mechanism Description

โšก๏ธ Each user will be given a free music player. - Up to 10 discs can be used in 24 hours - Durability: Permanent
โšก๏ธ Users can buy Disc Box. A box will open one Disc with a random rarity in 5 different ones. After listening with a disc, you will receive a certain amount of Kakashi.


โ„ Headphones can be purchased at the Shop with 5 different levels, used to increase the number of Kakashi received per song.
โ„ Music Player can also be purchased at the Shop with 5 different levels, which reduces waiting times and increase the number of discs that can be used.
โ„ The durability of the NFT Disc will be calculated based on the frequency of use, while that of NFT Headphones and Music Player will be based on the activating time.
โ„ Users can deactivate or activate NFT to stop/continue using it.
โ„ To increase durability, users can repair NFT by using Kakashi.
โ„ Headphones and Music Player are limited, Disc is unlimited.
โ„ An account can buy multiple headphones and music players but only use a maximum of 1 player or 1 set of headphones at the same time.
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Mechanism Description