Mystery Stake

The second earning method
This is an exciting staking feature for those who want to increase the stake's interest rate based on their luck. Certainly, the profit will be very high compared to the Daily Stake.

Mechanism Description

⚡️ Users can use Kakashi to buy Boxes that contain a staking contract appearing as a card. It allows you to stake an amount of Kakashi tokens in certain period of time with 300-500% of ROI; the maximum stake time is 120 days.
⚡️ There are 3 types of boxes, users will open the box with the maximum ROI.
⚡️ After staking, users can earn interest every second.


Box can be traded regardless of its status Opened/Unopened. After using that box to stake tokens, you cannot trade it anymore.
The number of valid contracts at the same time is 3.
Tokens will be kept in contracts and we cannot use them.
Users can claim rewards anytime without a fee.
Unstake: no fee charged.
Tokens will be returned to user's wallet after Unstaking or when the contract expired.