🔥 What do I need to join the Listen to Earn mode?
❄️You need to have a number of Kakashi tokens in your Metamask wallet. ❄️You need to buy at least 1 disc box (400,000 Kakashi) to start participating.
🔥 What is the game's anti-inflation mechanism?
❄️NFTs have durability and repair mechanism. The repair fee will cost 20-25% of the total tokens earned from that NFT.
🔥 How many kinds of tokens does this project have, which ones are they?
❄️ Only 1 token, Kakashi Sensei. ❄️ Contract: 0x3ee99f1e4e88008ac56934d05a10f270d6fd691b
🔥 What is the token burning mechanism of the project?
❄️2% of the buying transaction fee will be burned. ❄️When a user uses the token to open a box, 7% of those tokens will be burned.
🔥 Do I need to buy headphones and music players?
❄️ Headphones and music players are limited NFTs, which will help users increase profits when they listen to music. We give every user a free music player and it is enough to listen to music. If you want to receive more rewards, buy the more expensive headphones and music players.
🔥 What are your plans for the Learn to Earn mechanism?
❄️The Learn to Earn mechanism will be a special feature, by participating in Listen to Earn, users will be eligible to join Learn to Earn.
🔥 Do you have any plans to burn NFT?
❄️As you have seen in the roadmap of the project, we will burn NFT by developing Upgrade Disc and Fusion Disc features.
🔥 If I buy the NFT Mystery Box, can I sell it?
❄️Box can be traded regardless of its status Opened/Unopened. After using that box to stake tokens, you cannot trade it anymore.
🔥 Marketplace won't be available from scratch, so can I trade NFT?
❄️You can trade, we absolutely allow that.